Call Center Best Practice

Most call centers have scripts and force their reps to try to upsell customers to generate additional revenue.  The best practice is to not measure call times and don’t force a conversation into an upsell opportunity.  It should happen naturally.  Managers should just care about whether the rep goes above and beyond for every customer.  Don’t use scripts and trust your employees that they will use their best judgment when dealing with each and every customer.  Give the reps the ability to let their true personalities shine during each phone call so that they can develop a personal emotional connection with the customer. 

Use the telephone to do consultative sales.  Reps should be trained to know your products / services.  They should also be trained to research competitor’s websites.  If your company cannot provide what the customer is looking for, the reps should guide the customer over to the competitor.  In these situations, you will lose the sale.  However, what you will have gained is a relationship built on trust that can last a lifetime.  Relationships are built one phone call at a time. 


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