Definition of Herd Mentality

People en masse forsakes reason and objective thinking and succumbs to a primordial instinct to run with the herd.  Hundreds of years ago, when a herd of buffalo was stampeded toward a cliff by Native American hunters, no buffalo poked his head above the crowd to look where they were going.  Each creature simply accepted his neighbors’ belief that there was an urgent need to run.  From then on, they were driven by adrenaline, each buffalo’s panic and excitement reinforcing his neighbors’.  So it was with investors in the tech bubble.  Greed, and a fear of being left behind, triggered the same instinctive state of excitement and panic that kept everyone’s eyes glued to the financial media, their fingers hovering over the trigger buttons of their stock trading programs.


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Experience Business Developer & Alliance Partner Manager with Strong Technical Background Dealing with Complex Solutions
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