Pre / Post 80 and Social Tools

Those of us born before 1980 remember a time before any tools supported group communication well.  For us, no matter how deeply we immerse oursleves in new technology, it will always have a certain provisional quality.  Those of us with considerable real-world experience are often at an advantage relative to young people, who are comparative novices in the way the world works.  The mistakes that novices make seeing revolution everywhere, and they make this kind of mistake a thousand times before they learn better.  But in times of revolution, the experienced among us make the opposite mistake.  When a real once-in-a-lifetime change comes along, we are at risk of regarding it as a fad.

Young people are taking better advantage of social tools, extending their capabilities in ways that violate old models not because they know more useful things than we do but because they know fewer useless things than we do.


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