Formula for Calculating Cyberite

Those who are living and breathing in a globalize society tend to share information with each other and, over time, may come to belong to a seperate cybercivilization than their mind-locked, nation-state heritage.  This is not so obvious in the first couple of years after these people first plug into the Internet.  For example, Chinese and Americans tend to access different sites.  The interactions they engage in tend to be quite local in nature.  But from their 6th month on the Internet and onward, the cyberites become more adventurous.  They tend to go to Facebook; they acquire digital cameras and start using them to compile pictures and post them.

(Age – 10) / 20 –> is the number of years it takes for anybody to become a true cyberite.  It takes longer to “unlearn” accumulated twentieth-century assumptions and myths, depending on how long you lived n that century and were exposed to them.  The young generation, who start playing on the Internet at the age of five or six, do not have the same problem.  They have less to unlearn and fewer problems learning the rules and games of the cyberworld.  For example a 20 year old will only need 0.5 year to be a cyberite.  While a 40 year old will take 1.5 years.  This formula is not an exact science but a rule of thumb.


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