Interesting Quotes

  • One of the steps for China to float the Yuan is to run a current-account deficit to ensure an adequate supply of yuan to satisfy global demand.
  • Hong Kong is afloat on a torrent of liquidity.  Thanks largely to zero interest rates and quantitative (and continuous) easing in the United States.
  • An estimated 5 billion people will live in Asia by 2050, 1.5 billion more than now.
  • Russia’s far east has 7 million people while the Chinese population on the other side of the border has 100 million.
  • California spends around US$49,000 annually per prison inmate.  It also spends US$216,000 annually on each inmate in the juvenile justice system.
  • California spends US$8,000 on each child attending Oakland public school system.
  • Is Hong Kong suffering from an identity crisis?  Is Hong Kong international or Chinese?  Or, is Hong Kong just another Chinese city?  Hong have always been both international and Chinese and will continue to prosper only if it remains so.
  • Japan has an ever-falling labor supply owing to ultra-low birth rates and deep-seated resistance to foreign immigration.
  • In Hong Kong, 10 years ago Putonghua speakers might have received worse service in shops.  Today they often get better service.

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