Interesting Investment Comments…

  • China could be a white knight for the declining Euro.
  • Most of Italy’s debt is held by internal institutions and consumers.  Which means there might not be a lot of cotagion if they default.  The big question is will they? These purchasers are tapped.  Thus, who will be the buyer of last resort?
  • US banking stocks have not been performing for a while?  Is this a signal that the European debt crisis could be cotagious?  Are US banks materially expose? 
  • The industrial metals are all slowing down (silver, copper, palladium, etc.) due to the perceive weakness in global growth. 
  • Monsanto (MON) and Sinochem has created a JV to provide seed technologies into China.  Monsanto is around US$74.  It can rally 50% in 6 months.  MON can be looked at a bio-tech play.
  • Teck Resources (TCK) is an Asian infrastructure growth play.

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Experience Business Developer & Alliance Partner Manager with Strong Technical Background Dealing with Complex Solutions
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