Forward Looking

  • Global fixed investment will reach US$23.2 trillion by 2016.  Outlays on railways and other basic structures may rise to US$3.7 trillion in 2030 from US$1.6 trillion in 2008.
  • China will lengthen its rail network to 120,000 km from 86,000 by 2015, and its roadway capacity will surpass that of the US within 5 years, from 70% of the size today.
  • The number of people in cities worldwide will grow by 1.5 billion in the next 2 decades.
  • China would need to add residential and commericial floor space equivalent to building New York City every two years to keep pace with population growth.  India would need t oadd the fottprint of Chicago each year.
  • Chocolate is a much sought after product amid rising income levels.
  • Bangladesh can be another India in the IT Outsourcing industry.  The country has about 500 registered information technology outsourcing companies which employ 20,000 workers.  Compared with India which accounts for about 55% of the US$3.4 trillion global market and employs 2.54 million people. The average wage of an outsourced IT sector employee is about US$8 per hour in Bangladesh compared to US$20 per houir in India and US$10 to US$15 an hour in the Philippines. Bangladesh began developing an outsurcing sector in 2004 and it is now worth about US$120 million. The country exported about US$36 million worth of IT services last year. The government has declared developing this industry to be a key priority which fits with continuing campaign to create a “Digital Bangladesh” by 2020.



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