Read – The Evolution of the Theory and Practice of Marketing in Light of Information Technology

The Internet and new technologies – on a theoretical and practical level – have not changed the marketing nature and its aims.  In particular, this is true for the facility and the improvement of the exchange between company and customer.  The company reality shows a change especially in the strategic and operative methods and models, integrated – even with some difficulties – with more traditional communication and interaction channels. Strategically, companies are trying to establish closer and more lasting relations with the customers with the help of hte new multi-channel instruments; from an operative point of view, they are looking for an integration among the different channels and instruments at their disposal.

The logical process is based on the customer considered as an active subject in the creation and fulfillment of the company offer. The involvement of the customer can occur only and exclusively if a relationship based on trust between the company and the customer can be established. In such cases, Internet and other interactive instruments can offer serveral inter-change channels. Moreover, the new technologies can bring about further improvement of the commercial offer, that integrates with services and products customized on the basis of the characteristics and preferences more or less expressed by the users. Finally, in such context, the performance indexes must also be modified because of the new technologies to shed light on the relational value of the new systems.


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