Interesting Statements

  • Inflation is the great thief of the middle class
  • According to OPEC, oil prices are inflated by about US$20 / barrel.  A fair price should be in the mid-80’s
  • The lack of a consistent US dollar policy adds to the uncertainty that limits business investment and hiring.
  • Only 16.5 months to go before the next US Presidential election. 
  • 30% of US household balance sheet is in their homes.  The housing market has been in a multi-year slump which causes people not to be able to move to where the job opportunities are.
  • Want 5% growth rate in the US for 4 years?  Check out Tim Pawlenty’s plan. 
  • We are in a stag-flation environment.
  • State Street, one of the the leading providers of financial services to institutional investors, will roll out a new mobile application for Apple’s iPad this autumn.
  • It is a very difficult environment for capital market oriented banks and commercial oriented banks.
  • Credit companies (FSI) are doing quite well now. 



About Andre

Experience Business Developer & Alliance Partner Manager with Strong Technical Background Dealing with Complex Solutions
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