China’s Multi-Trillion Yuan Industry – Rail

China planned to spend 2.8 trillion yuan on railway construction from now until 2015. This si lower than earlier estimates but still 41% higher than the last five-year period. Spending on railways for the 12th 5-year plan wold range from 3 trillion to 4 trillion yuan. The annual railway budget, including construction and rolling stock purchases, would drop from 700 billion youan this year to 400 billion yuan from 2013 to 2020.

CSR, one of the mainland’s two dominant train makers, plans to expand the international portion of its revenue from 4% in 2010 to at least 15% in 2015. Over 20 nations are look at high-speed railway. Many countries are planning to build urban metro railway. CSR hopes to win high-speed train contract in the United States, but competition is intense with seven players.

Last December, CSR formed a joint venture with US conglomerate General Electric to produce high-speed trains for that country and it is estimated that the first US tender for high-speed trains will take palce next year for the California high-speed railway.


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