Read – Leading the Organizational Dynamics of E-Business Firms

E-business concept caused a radical change, in other words “a paradigm shift”, in management perspective; more specifically in understanding and implementing the way management functions are carried out. Therefore, to fully exploit the opportunities presented by this new perspective has become a challenge for many executives today. This challenge mainly stems from the nature of “change” as a whole. A change in a perspective nver comes alone; it requires a lot of new practical implications to take place. In accordance, a change in the way of doing business requires a change in organizational structures and organizational relations along with it to work as expected. This, actually, implies a change in the organization as a whole, with its mentality, structure and the relations it inherits. This change mainly takes its source from the complexity of the environment in which the e-business firm operates. In this environment the employees are highly informed about the alternatives, and the operation field of the company is highly dispersed throughout the whole globe. To operate effectively in such an environment, organization structures beome more adaptable and flattened, in a way that leads to employee empowerment, team formation and support, free flow of information and transparency of data to all employees in the organization. By becoming more flexible than others, these organizations get the chance to be able to operate successfully in a rapidly changing environment and gain competitive advantage.

As a final point, it should be noted that, the discussion regarding this huge change process, made leadership skills inevitably important for today’s e-business executives. Certain skills as being visionary, consultative, risk taking, forward thinking and so on will become dominant traits for new leader-managers. Managing change in a complex world of new structures and relations can only be handled by implementing the skills that lead people harmonicaly to match them with the new structure and objectives of the firm.


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