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Assessing BI tool’s ease of use is difficult because it is influenced by subjective factors. However, the importance of ease of use – rated even higher than specific tool capabilities and analytical power – makes it a critical aspect to address in making BI more pervasive and with bigger business impact.

A solutino is easy to use when:

  • It is familar because it works as expected and is similar to another tool with which a user has experience.
  • It takes less time and fewer clicks to accomplish the ultimate goal. Routine tasks may be automated and personalized.
  • It is intuitive and obvious in how a task can best be performed.

When IT struggles to access, prepare, nd present data for analysis by business users, it’s a showstopper. 

With low BI adoption rates beyond power users, first impressions matter. An appealing interface can help engage a new user. 

Ease of use:

  • Field staff and front-line workers rated ease of use as most important, even above data quality. Middle managers rated ease of use and data quality as equally important.
  • Ease of use had a higher priority among people who spend mroe than 4 hours a day working with data. This finding is interesting in that it is usally the power user types that the industry assumes are willing to tolerate a greater degree of difficulty in BI. It also confirms the perception that ease of use is too oftent sacrificed inexchange for more features when it shouldn’t be.

QlikTech QlikView has rapid deployment and easy-to-use dashboards. Learning the tool nd how to navigate the dashboards only takes an hour, but they spend days on training to ensure people understand the data in those dashboards. 

Determining what people need to see may follow a formal requirements process, but determining how they like to see it may require a greater degree of intuition and art. 

One of the aspects of QlikView that appeal to customers is the ability to create a proof of concept before making a purchase decision.


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