Read – Executive Book Summaries “The First 90 Days”

The first days in a new position are critical because small differences in your actions can have a huge impact on long-term results.  Leaders at all levels are very vulnerable in their first few months in a new job because they lack in-depth knowledge of the challenges they’ll face and what it will take to succeed with their new company.  Failure to create momentum in the first 90 dys virtually guarantees an uphill battle for the rest of an executive’s tenure. 

the starting poin is to define your learning agenda, ideally before you even formally enter the organization.  A learning agenda establishes your learnign priorities and consists of a focused set of questions that will guide your inquiry.  As you learn more, you’ll make conclusions about what is going on and why.  Your learning will begin to shift toward fleshing out and testing thos conclusions. 

Once you have an idea of what you need to learn and where to seek it, the next step is to understnd the best way to learn. 

The four broad types of business situations that new leaders must contend with are Start-up, Turnaround, Realignment, and Sustaining success (STaRS). These are the defining features of each of the STaRS situations. 

Understanding the history of your new organization will help you manage challenges and opportunities. 

By the end of your transition, you want your boss, your peers and your subordinates to feel that something new and good is happening.  Early wins excite and energize people, build your credibility, and quickly create value for your organization. 

Negotiating success means engaging with your new boss to shape the game so you have a good chance of achieveing your goals.  To many new leaders just play the game, reacting to the situation that exists and failing as a result.  Negotiate with your boss to establish realistic expectations, reach agreement on the situation, and secure sufficient resources to get things done.


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